Will Harris-Braun


to nestle into and fit


Self-portraits and writing from my trip across the country: Danville, CA to Chatham, NY in a 1996 Ford Ranger.

Shot on 35mm color film

Photography (2022)


Photography work from 2022.

Shot on 35mm color film



Simple static site generator for text-only blogs that invites code-injection as an editing tool. Pupate creates websites with absolutely no frills and barely any features. Pupate prioritizes your experience writing entries, giving you just enough control to express yourself through text. If you need more, inject it yourself by writing some HTML. Pupate is rock-simple but allows you a lot of creativity when you really need it. Just write, then watch your ideas emerge fully formed and beautiful.

Technologies: TypeScript npm

Alaska 2


The second font I designed. Alphabet + .,:;! Ironically, can't display its own name which contains a numeral. Hand-drawn on ReMarkable and hand-kerned in the free trial of Glyphs 3. For more fonts, see https://files.will.quest/fonts/

Photography (2021)


Photography work from 2021.

Shot on 35mm color film

xSIID Tools


Several utilies for writing and reading data on the second, secret sector of the Dangerous Things xSIID NFC/LED implant. Because the NTAG I2C chip is rare, the second sector is inaccessible to most NFC apps. By sending ISO1443A commands directly, data can be written to and read from this sector. xSIID Tools can generate the proper commands to write ASCII data to the xSIID, and can convert read data back to ASCII.

Technologies: HTML CSS Javascript

Personal Project


Can I get Haverford College to fund a non-art personal project that I'd like to do (building a 15-foot geodesic dome)? Turns out, the answer is YES! But how "artsy" did I have to make it for it to get funding? Personal Project aims to examine (and TEST) the inner workings of the Social Organism that is the college: the interlinked network of departments and groups that acts as a decision-maker on its own, uncontrollable by any one individual. What does this Organism consider art? What does it consider valuable? This experiment provides a little data, and I get my geodesic dome's materials paid for.

Materials: Steel conduit; bolts, nuts, washers



Physical mute and video buttons for Zoom meetings. Cardboard prototype followed by a final build with a snap-fit case and custom three-color 3D-printed oversized keycaps.

Technologies: Arduino Fusion 360 Ultimaker S5

Very Slow Movie Player


My implementation of the Very Slow Movie Player (invented by Bryan Boyer), based on the instructions by Tom Whitwell. Plays a movie over months or years instead of hours on an e-Paper display. I helped revamp the code, designed and manufactured plastic and wooden cases for the VSMP, and wrote an assembly guide.

Technologies: Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 800×480 7.5inch e-Paper display Python Fusion 360 Ultimaker S5 Shopbot CNC Router

Magnetic Rainbow Tail-light for Bike Helmet


Rechargeable, programmable multicolor light for a bike helmet. Attaches magnetically and with a snap-fit.

Technologies: Arduino Pro Micro NeoPixel Ultimaker S5 Fusion 360



Generalized Holochain DNA and UI library for building real-time shared-state Holochain apps.

Technologies: Holochain Svelte HMTL & CSS

The Society for Truth in Language


Jokey McWebsite representing an adamant organization standing for linguistic and orthographical integrity. Collaboration with Bear.

Technologies: HTML CSS JavaScript Google Sheets API



Correspondence scrabble with multiple boards for playing synchronized, remote, physical Scrabble. Available for two to four players. Also available at scrabblepouch.com.

Technologies: JavaScript HTML CSS Apache

A project's long tail


Piece shown in the Haverford College student art exhibition "20/20 VISION".

Technical creative projects are most often seen when finished, but a great deal of messy, impulsive work goes into a project before it reaches a neat final form. By exposing the long, thin chain of iteration that precedes a final work, A project's long tail seeks to make visible the imperfection and trial-and-error that accompany the technical creative process, and to showcase the beauty and freedom that this process creates. Additionally, the work aims to demystify the feeling of instantaneity with which works are usually presented and display the meandering and uncertain path that leads to a finished project's exhibition.

Materials: Ink, pencil on paper; 3D printed PLA, resin; cardboard

Photo by Patrick Montero/Haverford College

dogs find out


My first EP. Four electronic/ambient/experimental tracks made in a week using only free software.

Made with: GarageBand Audacity iPhone microphone



Collaborative project management dependency tree, built on Holochain. Also, I built stopgap tools emulating some of Acorn's behavior in Miro, which later informed development of the Acorn Holochain app.

Technologies: JavaScript HTML CSS Miro Holochain Rust React + Redux

Subconscious Sense for WiFi Networks


Final Project for the class Body Media: Wearable Technology and Digital Bodies, shown in the culmitating exhibition: "Data-Body, Body-Data."

WiFi networks blanket our homes and cities, bringing with them incredible connectivity, but also a danger to privacy. They increase the immediacy with which data about you can be broadcast around the world at light speed, enabling videos and pictures to be streamed live to the world, location data reported, and more. In an effort to connect this relatively new layer of reality to innate and subconscious senses embedded in human biology, Subconscious Sense for WiFi Networks physically reacts to the number and strength of surrounding WiFi networks, mimicking the flailing of the Blue-Tailed Skink's tail as it thrashes when under attack or the fur of a cat as it stands on end when threatened. The piece is designed as a body-extension which augments the "default" human form with an unconscious sense for the invisible networks of the wireless world.

Materials: cardboard, Arduino, 3D printed polymer

Photo by Patrick Montero/Haverford College

Photography (2019)


Photography work from 2019.

Shot on 35mm black-and-white film

AQO: Air Quality Object


Electronic sculpture that beautifully and passively displays the level of CO2 in the air.

Technologies: Adafruit Feather M0 Express Circuit Python NeoPixel Ultimaker 3 Fusion 360

Photography (fall & winter 2018)


Photography work from the fall and winter of 2018.

Shot on 35mm black-and-white and color film

Photography (summer 2018)


Photography work from the summer of 2018.

Shot on 35mm color film with a Canon EOS Rebel G

overwhelmed, too


"A visual short story of the day we met"

Writing with collaged film photos taken during the timeline of the story. This book was submitted to The Sketchbook Project and now is held in the Brooklyn Art Library. (It's scanned in the wrong order; use the back arrow to flip through in the right order.)



Elegant one-handed keyboard extension for Mac (inspired by xkcd).

Technologies: Karabiner-Elements Perl

Photography (Michigan, summer 2017)


Photography work from the summer of 2017.

Shot on 35mm color film with a Canon EOS Rebel G.

Photography (France, summer 2017)


Photography work from early summer 2017.

Shot on 35mm black-and-white film left over from high school and 20-year-old 35mm color film on a Canon EOS Rebel G.

Photography (2014–2016)


Photography work from the years 2014 through 2016.

Shot on 35mm black-and-white film with a Pentax K1000.

Linocut Prints (2016)


Linoleum-cut printmaking work from 2016.

Materials: Oil-based ink on paper and canvas

The Ultimate Altimeter


Tiny arduino altimeter for RC planes, quadcopters, or anything really.

Technologies: Arduino PrintrBot Jr v2

magpi: the Micro Arduino Gaming Platform Interface


Retro hand-held gaming console built on Arduino. Collaboration with my dad.

Technologies: Arduino Pro Mini PrintrBot Jr v2

QOG Tunes


Songs composed for Quest for the Ojeran Gemerald.

Technologies: GarageBand mobile

Quest for the Ojeran Gemerald


A text based adventure game in which you, an adventurer, explore the depths of a dangerous dungeon in order to find the fabled Ojeran Gemerald. Use text commands to move around and interact with the world, solve various puzzles, and find the Ojeran Gemerald.

Technologies: Clojure

kid Studio


An album assembled of music I wrote, recorded, and produced in 2013.


My resume (Downloads as WILLHARRIS-BRAUN.pdf).